Strandberg Debuts Korean-Made Boden OS Series at Music Fair Japan

.strandberg* guitars are consistently at the top of my guitar porn list. They look cool as hell, and they feel like heaven. They’re light as a whisper and sound heavy as a hammer. But they’re also expensive like a nice used car, and they take a long time to get (especially if you get one made-to-measure). Until now, it was either get on the waiting list for like 3 years or get a production model from the Washburn USA shop (which would still run you $3k+).


This week Ola Strandberg unleashed a new breed of .strandberg* axes upon an unsuspecting crowd at Music Fair Japan (kind of a Japanese NAMM) – the Boden OS.

Here’s what we know so far:
– Solid Flame Maple top
– Chambered Swamp Ash Body
– Birdseye Maple Neck with Walnut & Carbon Fiber laminates
– Birdseye Maple or Rosewood fretboard
– 26.25″ – 25.5″ scale
– Stainless Steel frets
– 20″ fretboard radius
– EndurNeck profile
– Lace Aluma X-Bar pickups
– 3-position blade switch
– Master Volume
– Master Tone
– Weight: approximately 2 kg

According to their FB page:

No corners have been cut in providing a more affordable .strandberg* guitar – they have 100% of the original playability and sound. Final pricing is yet to be determined, but aimed at ¥198,500 (about $1700 US) + tax

That sounds pretty promising – but then I guess the question is, why get a WashBerg if I can have this one for almost half?

The sad answer is that these are currently only for sale in Japan. I’m hoping that will change so I can sell my nice used car for one.

Here’s the porn:

boden os 6 boden os 5 boden os 4 boden os 3 boden os 2 boden os 1


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