KVLT Drums – A Trve Black Metal Drum Library for The Corpse-Painted Producer

Are you a one man/woman Black Metal band? Hellhammer wasn’t available to play drums for your album? KVLT Drums is here to save the day. It’s like EzDrummer for trve kvlt metalheads who want that grimey 90’s Old School sound and none of that digital sound.


We live in a modern world where everything sounds as crisp and as clean as possible. Guitar tones are produced and re-produced to within an inch of their lives, vocals are auto-tuned so it no longer is physically possible to re-create such a noise and drums don’t even sound real anymore. So in this overly-produced climate we find ourselves in, it is a breath of fresh air to have something like this black metal drum library from It Might Get Loud Productions.

Created in order to sound as black metal and kvlt as possible, this drum library comes straight from the pits of hell. If you’re wanting to be the next black metal superstar then you need to cop this package. Some of these drum sounds are so low quality they could have been used on St Anger, but bad drum sounds are good drum sounds when it comes to black metal right?

The video showcases how they can be used to great effect, and the samples sound extremely convincing and although they may be low quality in the grand scheme of things (and are intended to be that way) they still pack a hefty punch. The recordings you can achieve with sound genuine and authentic, ideal for the darkest and most satanic of your production needs.

Pick it up here and start making some devil worshipping tunes to accompany you to your church burnings and stabbing your fellow band mates.

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