January 2017

Stevic from Twelve Foot Ninja has a new signature axe that will blow your mind!

Get a walk-through of the new amp sim straight from the main man Joey Stugis.

Step into the world of ergonomic, euro-futurist guitars.

Your pedalboard just keeps getting smaller

Fresh paint and passive pickups for Mustaine's fiddles!

Turns out, they're actually pretty loud. Like, in a visual way.

An exclusive interview with the legendary Prog Metal drummer.

Obligatory bass post. (These things are super sick, though.)

“Now you’re a mayunh. A Manley, Manley man.”

Dean celebrates the big 4-0 with some deluxe versions of their favorite guitars,

They really put some stank on it with all the features on these basses.

Start down the path of the Svart Crown.

The Obsidian: blacker than the blackest black times infinity.