SVART CROWN “Transsubstantiation” Drum Playthrough

Svart Crown aren’t a band that I’ve been aware of until now. I feel guilty about that because these bad lads bring the motherfuckin’ ruckus.  Hailing from France, they describe themselves as blackened death metal – I’d say that’s pretty much spot on. If you’re into the heavy shit then check them out, for fans of Behemoth and Nile. They come out swinging with some straight up metal bitch slaps to the face. There’s more to them than just that though, adding some more gothic influences which brings some more depth to their songs.


Kevin Paradis displays his technical ability in this drum play-through for “Transsubstantiation”. There’s some absolute death metal drum trickery going on here. Unlike some drummers we feature on here, Kevin looks like he fully means it, head banging while blastbeating and double-kicking the living hell out of his kit. There’s even some candlesticks for that added gothic vibe. His footwork is on-point and his consistency of his hands is next level.

The full length album Abreaction is being released on March 3, 2017 through Century Media and is available for pre-order here.

Kevin uses;

Pearl masterwork :
Bass Drum 18×24 12 plies of mahogany,
Snare Drum 6.5×13 4 inner plies of birch and 8 of mahogany,
Rack toms 10×10 and 12×12 10 plies mahogany,
Floor toms 14×14 and 16×16 in mahogany
Sabian cymbals :
AAX X-trem china brilliant finish 17″
HH hi-hat 14″
HHX X-trem crash 16″
9″ stage bell
AAX mini china brilliant finish 12″
HHX X-trem crash 18″
HH power bell ride brilliant finish 22″
AAX X-trem china brilliant finish 19″
Evans drumheads :
Emad II on kick drums
EC frosted on snare top
G2 clear on rack toms and floor toms 14″
EC II clear on floor toms 16″
G1 clear on reso rack toms
G12 clear on reso floor toms
Promark 808 oak drumsticks
Trick drums USA Pro1-V bigfoot drum pedal, and SB1 trigger.
Damnar Zoro signature beaters.
Focusrite Clarett 8preX audio interface
ASP 800 octopreamp

Cop a load of it in your eyeballs.

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Heavy Metal fan, hailing from Harrogate, UK