NAMM 2017 – OMEGA AMPWORKS Unleash the “Obsidian” Amplifier

Chances are you’re already familiar with Omega cabinets. That being said, it came as a bit of a pleasant surprise at NAMM 2017 that they’ve gone headfirst into the amp world as well. They brought the Obsidian to the show: a 2.5 channel head that’s been in development for 2.5 years. Coincidence?!


The Obsidian features clean, crunch, and lead channels, with the crunch and lead sharing an EQ (hence, 2.5 channels). It’s awesome to see them venture into amp-making for the new year, but it certainly doesn’t overshadow their incredibly versatile cabinets. Custom Celestion speakers and quality design add up to a cab for just about any player. Snag an eyeful down there, and read up on everything Omega here.

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