Vocal coach MARY ZIMMER recently announced that on this month’s session of NAIL THE MIX, renowned producer JACOB HANSEN will be going through his workflow with both AMARANTHE and DYSCARNATE. If you’re unfamiliar with Jacob Hansen’s name, apart from the above bands which are powerhouses themselves, he’s worked with incredible bands like TYR, ABORTED, and VOLBEAT.

The musical differences between the two bands attest to Jacob Hansen’s skill. Dyscarnate is absolutely heavy and punishing, and while Amaranthe is heavy, it’s also incredibly melodic. I’m always telling my friends that Amaranthe is the metal ABBA, every section of their songs are catchy and will for sure get stuck in your head. Which is the hallmark of great songs in my opinion, but I digress. I’m personally looking forwarded to see how Jacob treats clean vocals, and how he’s able to keep them up front and clear amidst all the distortion and intense instrumentation.

Jacob will be doing a live mix of both tracks at the end of this month. This is a huge opportunity to be a fly on the wall and absorb knowledge from an incredibly prolific producer in the heavy music scene. Apart from the technical knowledge that will undoubtedly be endowed during the session, Nail The Mix offers a look into the mindset and practical workflow of someone who is working at the professional level in the music industry. Personally, that aspect alone is invaluable.

So don’t sleep on this. Link up with Nail the Mix here, they have a new producer on every month, and every producer offers essential insight. Once you’re a member, you can check out their past docket and purchase previous month’s live sessions.

Check out Amaranthe on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and they’re music on Spotify, iTunes, and GooglePlay.

You can check Dyscarnate here on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and their sonic brutality here on Spotify, iTunes, and GooglePlay.

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