ERGON GUITARS – Custom Ergonomic Guitars Built By DragonForce’s Guitar Tech

This past week we debuted our DragonForce Rigged video, which was crazy fun to make, and really informative. We also spent some time talking to their guitar tech wizard Adriano Sergio (the same madman who glued Herman Li’s guitar back together with superglue and waterproofed the same guitar so he could play it underwater), and he revealed to us that he is a guitar builder as well.


Hailing from Portugal, Adriano decided to start building guitars after first spending many years playing bass, then fixing guitars as a tech both on the road and in a shop. He set out to make unique and ergonomic guitars, and has forged his own identity in Ergon Guitars.

If nothing else, bless this man forever for finding a use for broken cymbals that isn’t hanging them on the wall of your practice space. Making guitar parts from them is a stroke of genius and gives the guitars a bit of a steampunk flair that I dig.

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