DRAGONFORCE’s Herman Li Broke His Guitar, Let’s Watch His Tech Fix It With SUPERGLUE

A couple of days ago, one half of Dragonforce’s insane shred tag team Herman Li was onstage in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when he miscalculated one of his signature flying guitar moves and broke the shit out of his main Ibanez EGEN guitar. I’m sure he probably recovered fine and grabbed another axe, but I bet he was bummin’ hard.


So the next day after the show, Herman shot this cool video of his tech, Adriano Sérgio of Guitar Rehab, fixing the headstock, which was completely split in twain, using what he had to work with – superglue. Of course, this is not exactly what you might call ideal. But, as Herman explains in the video, this was a fly-in, fly-out gig and this was his only six-string.

This is a cool example of guerilla guitar repair – on par with gaff tape in place of a broken strap button, or tying a string when there are no replacements to be found. The show must go on!

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  • But it broke along the glue line.

    That’s pretty sub-standard. The glue line should be stronger than the wood itself.

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