May 2015

Does this wah rock or is Fluffer a nutter?

Rudinger Dismantles the Dictator, but not his bun fang.

Add some slide to your slinky.

Take a break from your arpeggios and djent chops to learn from the blues legend.

Kelly Bilan rips the new Jay Maas signature series drum sample pack.

It's 92 cents below the lowest octave of E flat.

Myrone is back with a bit of Tom Scholz worship.

Click to see all the gimbling, mimsy, and borogoves your mome raths can outgrabe.

In-studio footage shows drummer Seamus Menihane in top form.

Session legend has a free, in-depth lesson for you.

A JCM Series clone for around $200 used?

Damian Murdoch of The Ocean shows you how to play a song from his solo debut.

It's not every day you get some decent grind-noise punk drum footage.