And Now, A Counterparts Electronic Drum Set Playthrough

It’s not too often that one of these bad boys comes across the Gear Gods HQ desk, but boy did it tingle our gear senses. I know that we’ve got at least a few Counterparts fans on this website who will delight at the sight of a Kelly Bilan drum playthrough – but even if you’re not an advocate for the Victory Records melodic-hardcore outfit, you will at least find this somewhat amusing.


Bilan is playing an electronic kit in this playthrough (does he use this live frequently, do you guys know?), using the new Jay Maas signature series drum tone library, from Room Sound. What’s pretty hilarious about this video is it’s not often that you see a minimalist hardcore electronic drum kit array, as opposed to the usual Neal Peartcore sets with a billion toms. But man, these electronic drum sample sets are starting to get pretty good.

Check it out below, courtesy Room Sound.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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  • Dave from Room Sound produced my band’s last album. His library of samples of pretty incredible. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for great drum sounds.

  • As you asked, Kelly doesn’t play an electric kit live. I believe the point of playing it here is to show off the drum sounds of this package. Also, they are currently on Pure Noise, and no longer on Victory (thank god)

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