PRS Introduces “SE Standard” Series of 4 New All-Mahogany Guitars

Paul Reed Smith has been a manufacturer of high-end guitars that are nothing short of artwork since 1985. Their beautiful tops, distinct flying bird inlay, and extra cool looking headstock design are the object of desire for guitarists everywhere, and the tone they produce is godlike.


In 2001 they introduced the SE series of guitars, which opened the door for the entry-level crowd to have access to the PRS design in an import model, for a fraction of the cost. Now with the release of the SE Standard, they have lowered the price point even further, to a sub-$500 entry point.

“The SE Series started with Carlos [Santana] and the desire to make PRS guitars available to a larger number of players. To be able to maintain the quality we demand and be able to get these sold through our dealers for less than $500 is remarkable,” says Paul Reed Smith.

The SE Standard series is made up of 4 guitars – the SE Standard 24, the SE Standard 22, the SE Standard 245, and the SE Santana Standard. They certainly have the look of PRS, and features-wise they are very similar as well, the main difference being point of origin.

I think this is cool – if you’re a beginner guitarist, which would you rather have – a Squier strat, an Epiphone, or a dope looking PRS? I think the answer is obvious.

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