Prog Drummers – Here’s an Hour-Long Thomas Lang Lesson!

Are you guys hip to Thomas Lang? He’s the kind of player who can slip through the cracks, since he’s been more of a hired gun over the years than someone who can be easily identified with a band, like Mike Portnoy (who is a fan, btw – and Lang auditioned for Dream Theater when Portnoy left the band).


But the guys who have called on Lang are a who’s-who of big names, from prog legends like Robert Fripp to pop singers like Kelly Clarkson to giants like Peter Gabriel. You don’t hit those levels of power and variety in your session work unless your chops are seriously up to snuff.

Lang’s the type of guy you’d want to learn from, yeah? Well now you can, in this in-depth hour-20-minute lesson courtesy of Drumeo. Lang covers a number of critical aspects of drumming in this video, including technique, coordination, and more, as well as providing some great practice suggestions. Check it out:

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