Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Get Lost, Find Themselves In The Studio

Hey dudes, are you ready for a new album from easycore scene leaders Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!? Many people are dubbing this year “EZ revival 2k15” and with good reason – for fans of pop punk with djenty riffs, bouncy breakdowns, and catchy choruses mixed with gutteral vocals, this is really a stellar year. In addition to Chunk, albums by big-ticket names like The Story So Far and Four Year Strong (the latter of particular interest, as their new one was recorded by Kurt Ballou) present a strong case for it.


I know haters are going to be all over me for posting this, but I”m genuinely interested in what Chunk will put out. I”m unironically excited (seriously) casino pa natet for this album, and for the genre in general. It”s been tiresome seeing album after album of serious music get paraded around, while tons of technical bands put out the same overrehearsed djent-math riffs over and over. This is music that”s not meant to be taken so seriously, and that”s refreshing.

Anyway, Chunk have a new in-studio video where, despite its brevity, provides a surprisingly large amount of information on the production, recording, and songwriting process for their new one. Check it out below:

Get Lost, Find Yourself is out on May 19 via Fearless Records. The album is streaming now here.

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