ENTERPRISE EARTH Get Heavy On Audiotree Live

ENTERPRISE EARTH, whose short five year history has shown that they’re a definitive musical force, is featured on Audiotree Live this week!


One thing I’ve always enjoyed about Audiotree is their distinct conversational and interview style. The band plays a full set in their studio, and mixed in between songs, the host asks pertinent questions that give a good feel for the artists as people.

The interview with ENTERPRISE EARTH is no different. Vocalist Dan Watson opens up and explains how taking a raw, honest look at the self was necessary in order to create the album, how this outlook inspired and dictated the artwork. Guitarist Gabe Mangold also give his thoughts on his off the grid lifestyle. Mangold is currently living out of a trailer, and has impressively created a sustainable lifestyle while travel and working. You can follow him on Instagram with his tag @deathmetalgypsy, here.

ENTERPRISE EARTH is incredibly heavy and incredibly melodic, two of my absolute favorite ingredients in music. Their new album LUCIFERIOUS is out now, stream it on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play, and follow them on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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