PIG DESTROYER: Drummer ADAM JARVIS Decimates “The Torture Fields”


Pig Destroyer’s “The Torture Fields” is the quintessential old-school groove with contemporary production and feel. Drummer Adam Jarvis gets into a seriously deep pocket on this track and skillfully stays in despite some chaotic fills. I counted at least two tempo variations on this track, and he makes the transitions seamless.

I remember when I first heard blast beats. To my undeveloped ears, they just sounded like a machine gun going full boar, and I couldn’t really discern what the hell was happening. This reminds of that time, except now that I’ve been listening to metal for a bit, I can actually understand the groove through the bedlam.

I think my point is that Adam Jarvis is an AK-47. His snare just rips through your ears and into your brain stem, tearing it from your central nervous system with every hit, so your head just drops and starts banging.

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