The Weekly Riff – NIGHTRAGE’s Marios Iliopoulos Teaches You To “Stare Into Infinity”

Nightrage is a bit of an anomaly – described as a Greek/Swedish melodic death metal band, founding guitarists Marios Iliopoulos and Gus G moved from Greece to Gothenburg (the epicenter of all things melo-death) and recruited what would become a rotating cast of Swedes to play their extremely heavy and melodic music.


Fast-forward to 2015, Marios is the sole guitar player and original member, soldiering on to continue his vision of the band. The result is The Puritanan aptly titled album for the man’s single-minded dedication to his sound and music.

Marios was kind enough to sit down and give us a lesson on the chorus riff for “Stare Into Infinity”, the lead single from the album.

The Puritan is out now on Despotz Records.

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  • So nice to see some comrades from Greece here

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