PERIPHERY Vocalist SPENCER SOTELO Talks About The New Record “P4: HAIL STAN” (Via Loud TV)


With the release of their new record Periphery IV: Hail Stan right around the corner, vocalist Spencer Sotelo of Periphery recently sat down with Loud TV to talk about the writing process, the album title, and upcoming tours. This is great and all, but I’m sure the question on your mind is most likely “Why the hell did you guys call it ‘Hail Stan‘?”. Spencer breaks down his thoughts on why the band titled the album what they did, and his conclusion is pretty sobering. It’s great to see someone who has been writing music with an incredibly influential band for so long still have a creative drive and the right attitude about what they’re doing, and Spencer hits the nail on the head with a lot of his thoughts on the record.

Be sure to pre-order Periphery IV: Hail Stan here, and to catch these dudes on the road supporting Dance Gavin Dance here.

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