B.B. King Dishes the Dirt on his Guitar Technique

As you’re probably aware by now, last week guitar legend B.B. King passed away in hospice care after a long battle with various health complications. It sort of goes without saying that players like B.B. King were incredibly important for the development of heavy music. King’s influence on modern electric guitar playing – particularly on the early rock players in the 60’s and 70’s – was such that it is literally embedded in the DNA of the instrument.


In 2003, King recorded an extensive video session in which he talked about all facets of his playing – from practicing, to his influences, to improvisation – that is a pretty chunky piece of material to sink your teeth into. I’m finding it rewarding to review these lessons, along with King’s music, and figured that some of you guys might as well. Check some of them out below, and order your copy here.

“It seemed to me that when I first started to hear music a whole, they didn’t have names for a lot of the chords, like we do today.”

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