The Weekly Riff – Damian Murdoch Trio – “Jump Rope With Electric Wires”

I’m gonna go ahead and assume you have heard of The Ocean. No, not the ocean, The Ocean – sometimes referred to as The Ocean Collective. I realize it may be hard to keep track of who’s in this band, considering that it spans almost fifteen years and something like 50 people, sometimes 8 at a time, but I know one thing – right now, they have an awesome guitarist named Damian Murdoch, and that Damian Murdoch has a trio, and that the Damian Murdoch Trio has a song called “Jump Rope With Electric Wires”.


Okay, that’s three things, but three very important things for this next thing I’m going to tell you – we got Damian Murdoch of The Ocean and the Damian Murdoch Trio who has a song called “Jump Rope With Electric Wires” to do a video showing you how to play the song by the Damian Murdoch Trio called “Jump Rope With Electric Wires”, from his album Electric Tentacles.

So here’s that.

Here’s the full song, in case you haven’t heard it:

Bit of a ripper, eh? The Ocean better hang onto this guy, he’s freaking on fire. I have some serious love for the trio format, so simple and clean, and you can hear every dang note. Damian really knows how to fill it out without burdening the song, and in fact it doesn’t even sound like he double-tracked the guitar, which is pretty much unheard of these days. A bold move.

If you like what you hear, then you have good taste, and if you have good taste, then you should get his album Electric Tentacles which was reissued by Prosthetic Records in April.

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