LORDS OF THE TRIDENT: DIY Powermetal Done Right With This Debut Drum Playthrough For “Reaper’s Hourglass”


LORDS OF THE TRIDENT debut a drum play-through for their song “Reaper’s Hourglass” off their newest record Shadows From The Past. This is some solid power-metal, along the lines of Kamelot, complete with soaring, technical leads with just a dash of prog. Check it out and bang your head, only right here, on Gear Gods!

I love me some gallops, and this track is chock-full of them. Drummer Master “Herc” Hercule Schlagzeuger boasts impressive stamina, following the gallops on the guitar throughout the entire song while holding down solid snare and cymbal work.

About the gear he used on this track, Master Herc had this to say:

“For those of you who are gear-minded (and let’s face it, who ISN’T), my main kit is a Gretsch Renown and cymbals are a mix of Sabian and Zildjian. This is one of the more technical songs off our new album Shadows From The Past, but also my favorite to play. The song is SO technical, in fact, that I routinely have to manifest a wall of drum equipment to contain the sonic force!”

After looking into Lords of the Trident a bit, I was a little surprised to discover they’re almost completely DIY. Everything from writing to video production, they do themselves. They’ve released four full-length albums, three EPs, and toured with bands like Skeletonwitch. Everything they’ve accomplished is by no means easy, and they’ve done it without major label support, booking agent support, or major management.

If you wish to support Lords of the Trident, check out their website and be sure to visit their Patreon.

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