WIMPY Bass Tracks? Make Your Mixes CRUSH With EZBass!

Toontrack’s EZBass is a powerful new tool that is centered around a hyper-realistic and detailed dual-bass virtual instrument with bonkers features like the ability to turn audio into bass midi, change the pickup blend, tons of articulations, and a small universe of available effects and presets.


In today’s video, I talk about using EZBass to overcome a common problem that modern mix engineers and producers have to overcome to get paid – and that’s getting wimpy bass tracks to work with – or also, increasingly commonly, no bass tracks at all. Not every band has a Steve DiGiorgio or an Evan Brewer, but plenty have some friend who sucks at guitar but can kinda play bass and somehow made it onto the recording. This doesn’t mean that you have to turn in a weak mix!

EZBass is here to rescue you. Bass is incredibly important in a mix. Even if the track was performed well, maybe there’s something sonically weak about it that needs reinforcing or augmenting, and in this tutorial I show you how to use EZBass to fix a number of those kinds of problems.

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