Mutoid Man’s Ben Koller Scrapes the Walls With His Ridiculous Drumming Chops

The hype is starting to set in: we’re about to get a new album from Mutoid Man. In case you’ve missed the boat, Mutoid Man is the new band featuring Steve Brodksy (Cave In), Ben Koller (Converge) and Nick Cageao (live sound, Saint Vitus). They play, basically, rock music, but they manage to fuse all of their respective influences, bands, and abilities into the project. They sound at once familiar and completely unlike any band I’ve ever heard before… but the bottom line is, these dudes absolutely rip.


So it’s exciting that Mutoid Man has a new album, the Kurt Ballou-produced Bleeder, coming out on June 30th via Sargent House. They’ve teased a few new tracks, which sound pretty great, which you obviously should check out.

Of course, since this is a Ben Koller band we’re talking about, there’s also a hefty amount of drum-cam-footage where a GoPro is strapped to his heaving chest. I’m sure most of you get as much enjoyment out of this kind of POV video as you do… other kinds of POV videos. This one’s for “Scrape the Walls” off Mutoid Man’s 2013 debut Helium Head. Check it:

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