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"I don't like musical gatekeeping."

God City? At this time of year? At this time of day? In your kitchen?

Are you sick of gear demos from snooty gear-elitists showing off their unreasonably priced, underutilized, weekend warrior gear? Demovids are

Also featuring the talents of Ben Koller!

The kids still aren't alright.

Converge guitarist and God City Studio owner discusses one of metal's age-old questions.

Guitarist R.J. Ober shows off some of the Japanese hardcore-inspired grooves from one of the band's new rippers.

For riffs, grind, HM2, Japanese hardcore, and everything else.

Check out Will's tips to make your songs and recordings better!

For his next Creative Live engineering course, "Fix it in the Mix."

hate5six drop what might be their best live film yet.

Converge guitarist and recordist for Kvelertak, Black Breath, and Nails talks about his career, doing it yourself, and his outlooks