CODE ORANGE – New Music Video “Forever”

That God City chuggg… those pick scrapes… Fuuuuu. They done did it again. The undisputed kings (and queen) of ShoegazeXcore/Converge-mosh are back. If this new Code Orange track doesn’t have you aching to throw spin kicks and suicide-dive-crowd-kill a sucka, I don’t think we can be friends. The video has me hyped for their new album.


They’ve once again collaborated with Max Moore. Who has directed all of their other videos, including the one for I Am King. Which was easily one of the best heavy music videos of the past 5 years. Max is killing the game right now and his visuals always fit perfectly with the ‘late 90s Roadrunner’ aesthetic that Code Orange has. When these two get together, you know there’s gonna be some unsettling, cult symbolism and gothic-horror ambiance.

Kurt Ballou has also returned, on production. So Forever really picks up where the last album left off. It sounds like it may as well be called ‘I Am King Part 2’, but that’s sure as hell not a bad thing. The drums are still thick and punchy, the bass still grinds and gurgles, and the guitars have maintained that throaty crunch. It’s got a tad more polish and the songwriting ante has been upped, but it’s exactly everything you want from a Code Orange jam.

If this has woken up the demon in you, pre-order their new album here. I cannot wait to hear more. TOTH.

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