Mutoid Man’s Ben Koller Can See for Thousands of Miles

Ben Koller could just keep shovelling his POV-drumming videos down my throat and I wouldn’t complain – whether it’s with Converge, All Pigs Must Die, or any of his numerous projects. His new band Mutoid Man’s new Kurt Ballou-recorded album Bleeder is on the short list for highlights of the year, and is one of the most fun outright riff-rock albums I’ve heard in quite some time.


A couple weeks back, Stephen Brodsky gave you a lesson in shred for one of those riffs, for “1000 Mile Stare,” and now Koller is back with a new chest-GoPro playthrough of the song. Obviously you want to watch this, but I’d recommend taking a second look at Brodsky’s riff lesson and consult with this video – you can learn a lot about how the band, and Koller in particular, conceptualize the rhythm section parts underneath intricate riffs.

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