The Weekly Riff – Mutoid Man’s 1000 Mile Stare

There’s an old crime journalist adage that goes, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Applies to metal too.


Mutoid Man‘s Bleeder is a pretty fantastic album. A trio comprising Steven Brodsky, Ben Koller, and Nick Cagaeo, Mutoid Man’s music is unique among their web of genres in that although their songs are love letters to the guitar – Brodsky’s incredible palette of tones captured by Kurt Ballou at God City Studio – they’ve also got quite the dominant rhythm section that makes those riffs really cook.

So when we had the opportunity to get in the kitchen with Brodsky, high on the list of our priorities was getting him to show us the recipe for one of those smokers, “1000 Mile Stare.” You’d do well to click play below. And you’ll know which riff I’m talking about.

Sick, right? Check out our exclusive lesson on how to master this slab of chromatic-metal-boogie:

Bleeder is out June 30th via Sargent House, and is streaming now over at Noisey.

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