Producer KURT BALLOU Argues Against Gear Snobbery

Look. Having nice gear isn’t a bad thing, and there’s tons of cool stuff you can make with some pricey pedals and guitars. That being said, you can also make some great stuff with some cheap gear, because as we’ve said a million times – it’s mostly about songwriting anyway.


But don’t take our word for it. Listen to Converge guitarist and legendary producer Kurt Ballou, who said the exact same thing in a recent video with Premiere Guitar.

“I don’t like musical gatekeeping – the idea that you can’t do something because you don’t have a piece of gear,” he says. “As long as you have ears, patience and drive to find something cool, you can do something cool. Any of your favourite records that have some amazing sound on them, the reason they have that amazing sound is because that was creative people using what they had at their disposal and making the most of whatever they had at their disposal.”

And I mean really, is this that surprising? You’ve seen the countless videos of dudes out there that buy cheap guitars and make incredible sounds with ’em. It’s possible!

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