CONVERGE’s Kurt Ballou Launches Sweet Signature Drum Sample Pack


It’s been a long time coming, but Converge guitarist and God City Recording Studio owner Kurt Ballou will release a signature drum sample pack on Christmas Day.

Developed in tandem with Room Sound, the library runs for $89 and is focused on generating the roomy, slamming tones that Kurt’s become known for on his production work with bands like Kvelertak, High on Fire, Nails, Baptists, and more. And as a tasty bonus, Converge drummer Ben Koller lent his capable drumming hands to the project! Says Room Sound,

Program your drum performances in midi, use any of the midi grooves played by Ben Koller (official) of Converge bundled with the plug-in, or use a 3rd party audio to midi converter such as Massey DRT to replace your audio drum tracks. Then route your midi tracks to the virtual instrument and choose from any number of drums and cymbals from the Godcity Studio collection. Mix from within the VI using Kurt Ballou’s presets as a starting point (or not), or route each microphone to individual outputs to create drum tracks that show up in your DAW just like organic drum recordings. Engage “Full Bleed” mode to hear leakage between all the microphones.

Get more details and pre-order at this link. Check out a demo by Ben (also of All Pigs Must Die, Mutoid Man) to get a taste of these tones.

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