October 2015

Frank gets off the couch for once and into the field!

From Carpenter, Argento, Morricone, and more!

This week we're giving away a 3 pack of Heavy Core bass strings!

Celebrate ten years of terror by entering to win!

Over the track "Para Mexer," live from their summer tour with Between the Buried and Me and The Contortionist.

Start upping your picking game with this video lesson.

Jay or Joey? Verdict's still out, according to you guys!

Everyone's tried to play music above their ability at one point - but does it make for better art?

Did you know Guild was making new instruments?

A studio monitor with enough low end that you might not need a subwoofer.

All the best fuckups in one video.

Our dude Krzysztof Słowikowski takes a break from Mega Man to chop up a Nobou Uematsu classic.