Euroblast 2015 has come and gone and we at Gear Gods would like to extend a warm ‘fuck you’ to all you lucky sons o’ bitches that made it to Cologne, Deutchland for three days of epic prog metal, for we could not. Thankfully, in our stead, our fraternal familiar from a foreign Frau, Frank Fleckenstein of Gear Couch, got a chance to sit down on some oh-so-metal train tracks and talk with Olly Steele and John Browne of Monuments and David Maxim Micic of Bilo, Destiny Potato and much more.


Frank covers all the bases from upcoming projects to our beloved gear nerdery. We get some cool insights into these artists’ thoughts and experience with self-distribution vs. working with record labels, John Brown teases us with some big Mayones news, Micic talks about self production, an upcoming pop rock project and the concept of a guitar being a work of art in and of itself, and Olly Steele tells us he doesn’t really care what amp he’s using as long as it’s not an Orange or a Fender twin (and he has his choice pedals and Artistides guitars). All this and more below!

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A guitar player and tech, writer (music and words), music publisher, die-hard music fan and full time gear nerd. He has a dangerous obsession with all things that make cool and/or loud noises and years of tech experience to temper his guitar lust. Currently working with a small handful of musical undertakings and establishing a music publishing company.

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