THE ZENITH PASSAGE – In-Studio Footage Recording Their New Album

The Zenith Passage is one of the most underrated tech death bands out there today. In 2013, their debut EP, Cosmic Dissonance, turned heads with its surprisingly developed technicality and focused songwriting. Some of the craziest music I’ve seen performed live in years, it’s no wonder The Faceless recruited their guitarist Justin McKinney to perform live and cowrite material for their forthcoming album In Becoming a Ghost.


Now, TZP are in the studio with Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Fallujah) to record their first full length. The album is set to drop early next year via Unique Leader.
In Justin McKinney’s own words, “In the wake of the response received from our debut EP, Cosmic Dissonance, it has pushed me to explore just how far I can take this twisted, pummeling sonic experience. Fans of Cosmic Dissonance and technical progressive music in general won’t be disappointed, we’ve pushed ourselves to a new level in multiple musical dimensions. Brace yourself.”

They were kind enough to give Gear Gods an exclusive sneak peak into the gear they used in the studio and some of their recording process. Check it out and get hyped!

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