Animals as Leaders Dish Out Some Acoustic Improv

This past summer, fans of modern prog-metal blew a collective load into their Meshuggah gym shorts when Animals as Leaders, the Contortionist, and Between the Buried and Me toured together. I missed it, which was unfortunate because despite my mixed feelings about all of these bands, I really enjoyed The Joy of Motion and would like to hear BTBAM play their new record.


Luckily our dude Washed Up Media was on the road with the bands snapping photos, and he caught some nice footage of Animals playing through my favorite song on The Joy of Motion, the acoustic “Para Mexer.” This makes for a cool watch because it’s a rare(?) instance where the band will do some improv during the solo sections. Check it out:

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  • Any idea what guitar Javier is playing? I know Tosin is playing a Godin Multiac.

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