Drool Over Legendary Guitar Company Guild’s New Starfire Model

Vintage Guild guitars are something of a holy grail for collectors and 60’s fetishists, used back in the day by guitarists in diverse bands like the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, the Beatles, and even some metal players like Randy Rhoads. But originals are quite rare and usually, traded at a high price. That’s basically what I know about the company, full stop. I played one once at a studio I worked at a few years back and it was pretty rad.


I had no idea that Guild was manufacturing new models though, which are significantly cheaper than buying one of these things on eBay or from a collector. So I was stoked to hear this little demo from Sweetwater, and see that they are selling this bad boy for half a clip cheaper than the list price.

Check out their demo below. Has anyone who is familiar with Guild played one of these newer models and have an opinion on it? I’m super curious about this instrument.

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