Exclusive Guitar Playthrough: “Dancing Mad” From Final Fantasy

We’ve covered Krzysztof Słowikowski‘s covers of Mega Man soundtracks with live game playthroughs before, and we enjoyed them so much we reached out to the dude to see if he’d be interested in doing an exclusive video playthrough with us. Which I’m proud to show off to you now!


The song is “Dancing Mad” by legendary video game composer Nobou Uematsu, taken from Final Fantasy VI. Uematsu scored most of the classic Final Fantasy games – check out some of his work if you’re not familiar. His non-classical influences are mostly rooted in 70’s British prog, like Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, and Rush, and the line between his music and heavy metal is a pretty clear one.

So enjoy Krzysztof’s rendition of the track below!

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