Three More Jay Weinberg Slipknot Drum Cams; Have At It

At this point, we’re considering changing our website from Gear Gods to Jay Weinberg Drum Playthrough Videos. I promise this is the last one for the time being, but since two new ones just went up, I figured I’d bring them to your attention.


I’ll stress again that I think Jay is an incredible drummer, who brings a new youthful energy to a band that’s entering the second decade of their career. As I’ve discussed before, he comes from a good drumming gene pool, and honed his chops on the kinds of music that even Joey Jordison wouldn’t have been playing when he first started.

So check them out below. For me the verdict among you guys is still out – I’ve browsed the comments sections of these posts and still don’t have a clear favorite. So see if these videos of “The Devil in I,” “Before I Forget,” and “Duality” sway you:

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.