Slipknot’s New Drummer Jay Weinberg Is A Monster

The not-so-secret-anymore new drummer of Slipknot, Jay Weinberg, rips. His name might not be too familiar to metal heads, but he comes from a background of varied drumming, having served time in Bruce Springsteen’s band, Against Me, and Madball. He also comes from a genealogy of literal drum royalty – his dad, Max Weinberg, is one of the all-time greats, the drummer of choice for Springsteen as well as a former bandleader on Conan O’Brien.


I was never a fan of Slipknot and also didn’t “get” the hype over Joey Jordison, and when I saw the band at Heavy Montreal this past summer, I still couldn’t get into the music. I did however watch Jay the entire time, and was pretty blown away. The kid plays with an insane amount of energy, and is easily the most exciting musical part of this band, imo.

A fan recently caught a rare look at Jay’s drum throne during “People = Shit” from a show in Brazil. The footage is a bit rough but in keeping with the spirit of Jay’s animated stage presence and performance. Check it out:

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  • Personally, I like Krimh Kerim’s audition more.
    In all fairness, this is live, but I found Krimh’s version a lot tighter.

    • last 2 songs of the show, hes probably fucked

  • This is epic and awesome , what a monster ! m/

  • I have a couple of problems here. First being do you really believe this guy plays it better than the guy who wrote it? Second being the guy playing grew up listening to and was heavily influenced by Joey ( as stated in a head to head interview ), Third being If you were never into Slipkont before then you truly don’t know the energy that Joey had, so your comments can seemingly sting fans who are passionate about all current and former members. If you want to know the insanity of Joeys drumming get a look at his drum stunts or solo shows during their live shows where he drums suspended in the air.

  • nope… ure wrong

  • Wow, so this author never really watched and listened to Joey Jordison. Jay is damn good, and a good fit for the band, but Joey was part of the spirit of Slipknot and this author never got the “hype.” What a douche.

  • There’s a video of Joey on the same song. Both are very skilled drummers, but to call Jay more energetic is to display ignorance. Both drummers bring the required intensity to fit in with a band like SlipKnoT’s live show though, and Jay is a fine replacement.

  • He might be good but nowhere near as good as the king “Joey”!!!! They should not have parted with Joey!!! Slipknot has lost half of its charm ever since the departure of Joey!!! its like Slash leaving Guns n Roses!!! took all the vibe away from it!!!

    • Apparently he got kicked out cuz of a drug problem. U really think the rest of the band wants to deal w/ that shit again?

      • What shit are you talking abt dude?? he was kicked out of the band without any prior notice and the only thing the band said about him was that he left because of personal reason!!! The prob was that Joey was too busy with other side projects and was not being able to provide any schedule for Slipknot at the time and so he was kicked out!!! As far as I know Joey does not have a bad track record regarding drug addiction!!! Joey was a huge asset to Slipknot look at their recent songs!!! completely watered down version of slipknot!!!

        • He admitted he was doin’ a bunch of coke when they recorded all hope is gone. It got to the point where his dad even got involved.

          • No wonder why the album sucked so bad mate!!! Slipknot without Joey is just not what it used to be!!!! They were way better before!!! Iowa was one of their best album ever!!!! they freaking ruled!!

          • Dude, Joey is on All Hope Is Gone…

          • well yeah he was…that was his last as well

          • they didn’t even record it as a band. joey would go in, record his parts & leave.

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