Slipknot’s New Drummer Jay Weinberg Is A Monster

The not-so-secret-anymore new drummer of Slipknot, Jay Weinberg, rips. His name might not be too familiar to metal heads, but he comes from a background of varied drumming, having served time in Bruce Springsteen’s band, Against Me, and Madball. He also comes from a genealogy of literal drum royalty – his dad, Max Weinberg, is one of the all-time greats, the drummer of choice for Springsteen as well as a former bandleader on Conan O’Brien.


I was never a fan of Slipknot and also didn’t “get” the hype over Joey Jordison, and when I saw the band at Heavy Montreal this past summer, I still couldn’t get into the music. I did however watch Jay the entire time, and was pretty blown away. The kid plays with an insane amount of energy, and is easily the most exciting musical part of this band, imo.

A fan recently caught a rare look at Jay’s drum throne during “People = Shit” from a show in Brazil. The footage is a bit rough but in keeping with the spirit of Jay’s animated stage presence and performance. Check it out:

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