CONVERGE: KURT BALLOU Talks Guitar Tones On “I Can Tell You About Pain” Via URM ACADEMY


Converge‘s very own Kurt Ballou recently sat down for this month’s Nail The Mix and talked about how he mixed their song “I Can Tell You About Pain” from their 2017 record The Dusk in Us. In the clip, Kurt talks about the guitar tones, and specifically, how he blended different amp tones (Sparrow, Marshall JMP, and room mics), worked the EQ with Fabfilter Pro Q, and some general insight into his process of working with guitars. Personally, I could listen to this dude talk for hours. He’s got a unique perspective on tracking and mixing, and an entire catalog of experience to back it up.

If this tickled your fancy in just the right way, you can subscribe to Nail The Mix this month to get full access to the mix session from Kurt, the tracks, as well as a ton of other goodies. Check that out here.

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