Dominic Forest Lapointe Achieves Temporary Recompressed Bass Pulse

We’ve covered the bases on ex-Beyond Creation bassist Dominic Forest Lapointe before, and I think you guys are generally on the same page as me – guy’s a beast. I sometimes find it difficult to make it through most tech-death music – as a genre, it never quite grabbed me – but when one of those bands has an X-factor, be it on a stylistic, thematic, or individual player level, they can produce some interesting stuff.


Lapointe is that kind of X-factor. I’ve been enjoying the tunes from his relatively new project Teramobil. He brings a much-needed looseness in the rhythm section which keeps their music fresh, and the compositions achieve a nice balance between dissonant/neo-classical without being too ridiculous. Judge his playing for yourself, on the song “Temporaly Recompressed Pulse,” below:

Teramobil’s Multispectral Supercontinuum is out now. Get it here.

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