Rigged: Misery Index Guitarist Mark Kloeppel’s Recording Setup

I’m legitimately excited about this Rigged feature, because I had no idea what I was getting until I watched it. It’s not like I wasn’t happy to have a Misery Index gear rundown on the way, but you know how it is: there are a lot of features like this, and they can get very similar. Another Axe-FX, another 5150. But what Misery Index sent, although sure, there’s a 5150 in there, is a complete breakdown of the entire signal chain used in the recording of the band’s new record, The Killing Gods.


Guitarist Mark Kloeppel and Wright Way Wrecording Recording studio proprietor Steve Wright (no, not that Steven Wright) used two different amplifiers: a 50 watt EVH 5150, and another unnamed amp that Kloeppel doesn’t endorse, with various configurations of on and off-axis mics (Shure Sm57, Sennheiser MD 421, Electro-Voice N/D868, a subwoofer wired up to be a mic). The summing of all these mics was handled by a passive mixer, an SMPRO Audio PM8, and the preamps involved were some API 512c units and a Dan Alexander 1073 knockoff from the 70s. Finally, an Amptweaker (the company founded by original Peavey 5150 designer James Brown) TightMetal stombox was used at times as well.

The Killing Gods is out now. Check out Misery Index on tour in Europe this summer.

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  • The guitar tones on Heirs to Theivery were killer, and so was the drum sound!!! The Killing Gods, despite this awesome care of Steve Wright, ended up falling flat in the final mix. I honestly think bringing Scott Hull into the fold was a bit detrimental to the final product vs Heirs where Steve did everything solo.

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