SUMMER NAMM 2014 – 3rd Power Amplifiers are Pre-Mastered

I’ve been a fan of The 3rd Power for ages. What a movie: a classic of horror, a master class in acting from Lou Diamond Philips. If you’ve ever… oh, right, that was The First Power. But the killer did have three powers. Well, anyway, it turns out 3rd Power is a company that makes amps.


When Trey was on location at NAMM he caught up with the man behind the company behind the name. They walked us through some of their amps like the RPO100, which was designed to sound like it was “already mastered.” I… don’t know what that means, exactly. But he certainly seems passionate about his products, so I can get behind that.

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  • You might want to fix your audio panning in this video.

  • dude seems like a tool

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