The New iRig Midi 2 Has Just as Many Eyes, But No Longer Needs Custom Apater Cables

Hey, Keyboardists. I know, sometimes you get the shaft as far as hot music gear news is concerned. Search as I might for the latest in sick piano news, it can be slim pickins next to the 600 drum headlines and 80 billion new guitar pedal releases clogging my RSS feed.


But your luck is about to change, champ. IK Multimedia just released a new version of the iRig Midi mobile midi interface. It’s be redesigned to allow standard midi connections without the use of special adapters. Here’s the full feature rundown of the iRig Midi 2, straight from the midi out jack of the folks who made it:

  • Universal MIDI interface for Lightning iOS devices as well as all prior generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch plus Mac and PC
  • Ultra-portable, pocket-sized form factor that you can take with you anywhere
  • Detachable bumper-friendly cables for seamless, universal connectivity
  • Lighting connector and USB cable included, 30-pin cable available separately
  • Standard-sized MIDI IN, OUT and THRU ports
  • MIDI IN/OUT LED indicators for at-a-glance monitoring of MIDI data transmission
  • Draws power from host device instead of a bulky power adaptor
  • Comes with a powerful suite of music creation apps SampleTank Free, iGrand Piano FREE and SampleTank 3 SE
  • Elegant and durable rubberized enclosure
  • Designed and made in Modena, Italy

For more info on the iRig Midi 2, head over to IK Multimedia’s website.

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