Felix Martin: On the 7th Arpeggio He Created Rocking the Hell Out

If you’re remotely familiar with Felix Martin you’ll be aware that he’s a total maniac on the guitar… excuse me, guitars. You see, a sane person plays one guitar. Felix martin plays two at once, with more tapping than the Root Beer Tapper championships.


He created this, would you call it a tune or an exercise? Tuxercise? Well anyway, it’s based on the root and 5ths of an arpeggio with one hand and the 3rds and 7ths on the other. It’s based off of a Jason Becker tune called “Serrana.”

Since I’m dividing the arpeggios half and half between the two hands, it is easier to play really precise and fast. Be aware that playing 7th arpeggios this precise at this speed using regular “sweep picking” would be really hard. That’s the main reason why I came up with this technique.

Yeah. I like how this is the “easy” version. Well, feel free to play this at double speed while doing your taxes if you want to give yourself a real challenge.

Oh, here’s a bonus for you. Why not check out the original Jason Becker song?

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