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Time to take your 7-string knowledge to the new level!

It has the same scale length as an upright bass. Quad Damage powerup will cost extra though.

No one would ever accuse The Contortionist of lacking progressive tendencies. This goes for their musical direction as well as

The "Manipulator" of 9 string guitar.

If you only knew the power of the dark side

Bonus: you now have a great name for the villain in your Transformers fan-fiction.

I thought we were done with the extended range vitriol but I bet this brews up a whole new pot.

For those who need maximum low end from their severed headstocks.

Resting on the sabbath is for wimps who can't play 80 billion notes per second.

I wish I had 2 of these so I could make a Caparison comparison.

It's fine that everyone's using extended range strings now, but let's at lease use the entirety of that range.