Goddamnit, There’s Now a 10-String Guitar Band (and They’re Awesome)

You know, usually if there were a new band featuring Mike DiSalvo from Cryptopsy and Will Smith from Artificial Brain I’d just be stoked on the music. But the band is partially earning notoriety because they utilize 10, yes 10-string guitars. And they use them well! Like, every string is played repeatedly, and the high ones as often as the low ones.


So maybe I shouldn’t even bring up the extra extended-range guitars (by Agile) in the first place? Am I just fanning the flames? Yeah, maybe, but I figure someone is going to point them out so I may as well just turn into the skid.

The good news though: this is about it. We really can’t tune any lower and make notes of any musical use. Sure you may find 20 strings on a Warr Guitar or Chapman Stick but those are just redundant sets for two-handed tapping. So really it’s good news all around because DiSalvo and Smith’s band, who are named Coma Cluster Void by the way (no relation to Candiria), are pretty damn good. And the extended-range manifest destiny has been fully realized. Win/win.

Some of the band’s early recordings are embedded below for you. To follow Coma Cluster Void you can head to the band’s Facebook page. The only weird thing: DiSalvo and Smith are credited as vocalists on that page, but I don’t hear any vocals on these tracks. Oh well, I’m sure these details will come to light eventually.

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  • Look, the butthurt can begin, but I’m going to throw this out there, I don’t think that would be comfortable at all to play. I don’t care how you use it, that is a 2×4 of a neck. I have reasonable sized hands, but damn. Personally I think the 30 fret Ibanez thing is going in the right direction, unplayable up there but gives access to the 24th that is unparalleled. Also what tuning is that beast in? Wouldn’t it be possible to add another high string, an A I believe? Having just suffered through Nothing More (whom I like) and Hell Yeah (not so much) those 6 Hz rumblings have zero definition in an area setting. Or their FOH guy sucked the big on, but it was a wall of painful mush.

  • You guys should really do some research on the topic you’re posting about. Saying “we can’t tune any lower” is just straight up wrong, because we have tuned lower. This band’s lowest string is a C1 (like a bass in C standard), they do not just add another string a P4 down. Meshuggah tuned lower than this on the song “Spasm”, right on down to A#0, one semitone lower than a 5 string bass. Also, the band only has one guitarist, so they utilise a ten string guitar, singular.
    The band tunes in C F# G E F B C G# C# D. The highest string is a D4, like the highest string on a guitar in D standard, so actually this ten string’s range is one semitone less than that of a standard 9 string. CCV do not just say “guys i wanna go lower but i still need my high E, so 10 string”, he uses the ten not just for its expanded range but also so he can have small interval ranges between strings (one semitone between that F# and G) for odd, gorgutsy intervals.

    • This is a metalsucks brand site, where every things made up and the points don’t matter. If you want to deal in facts that ship done sailed a long time ago.

  • You didn’t say the bands name until the third paragraph.

  • Pretty sure there’s 10 string guitar on some of Candiria’s older stuff!

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