Schecter’s 2014 Blackjack Series – Any Color, As Long As it’s Black

…with a little red.


Schecter has unleashed their new Blackjack series for 2014, and they are shiny, metal, and there is none more black. Capitalizing on the success of the Loomis and Merrow designs, they appear to be following the concept very closely by featuring Hipshot and Floyd Rose bridges, Seymour Duncan Sentient/Nazgul pickups, and locking tuners. Unlike the Conquering Dystopia artist models, which are made from Swamp Ash, the Blackjack series is true to its namesake (a heavy thing you beat someone over the head with) and features mahogany neck and body woods.

They are offering 3 basic body types, 2 of which can be had in 6, 7, and 8 string models, with 25.5, 26.5, and 28 inch scale respectively, and the Tempest shape, which is only available as a 6.

Street prices appear to be around $700-1000 depending on features, and are expected to arrive next week.

I’ll withhold judgement until I actually get one in my hands, but it seems as though Schecter is listening to their fans and critics and really stepping up their game this year. If the extended range ouvre is your jam, then Schecter should be on your radar in 2014 for sure, but if you want to consult a blackjack expert for your regular game of cards, you could certainly do that too. Imagine winning some cash at a blackjack game then buying Schecter’s Blackjack?

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  • Good to see the scale length of the 8 string has been extended. I picked up a Hellraiser 8 awhile back and hated how floppy and muddy the lowest string was, even at standard tuning.

  • Not really to do with this but I’m getting my old Schecter 5 string defeated in the near future.

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