Hey Jeff Loomis: Isn’t Conquering Rifftopia the Opposite of What You Want to Do?

I hate to knock the titles of these features since Schecter obviously just needed something for the video, and thought it would be a good idea to name it in line with the band’s moniker. But if you’re Conquering Dystopia, with riffs, then aren’t you trying to establish Rifftopia? Otherwise if you’re equating Dystopia and Rifftopia, and conquering both, then what exactly are you trying to put in place once the old rule is toppled? Leadtopia, maybe? Or just double kick and bassline-topia? But that’s not really in keeping with the band’s music.


Not that any of my stupid semantic nitpicking has fuck all to do with this video. In “Conquering Rifftopia,” Jeff Loomis is really just showing you a nice Schecter besides the Loomis and Merrow signature models that have gotten all the love recently. On display below is a Hellraiser C-7 FR-S, which is abbreviated as such because it’s a seven-string with a Floyd Rose and a Sustainiac pickup. That final item on the list is pretty damn cool. Imagine you want to use an Ebow but you left it in your other guitar case, or the battery door to the thing broke off again. Well now you have one built in. Not that it’s made by Ebow, but it gives you a similar effect. Watch Jeff show you how it works:


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