NAMM Preview 2014: Keith Merrow Discusses Schecter KM-7 in Video

Schecter and Keith Merrow just released this new video featuring footage of Keith talking about his new signature guitar that we told you about back in December. The picture we posted is now obsolete, as the final version has had some key changes made to it, including moving the sole knob out of the way of your picking hand, adding covered pickups, and possibly most notable, moving the bridge pickup noticeably closer to the bridge for a brighter sound and more attack. All of these things and their reason for being are detailed by Keith in the video, which also features bumper music that sounds suspiciously like it could be some new Conquering Dystopia…..


The guitar is also now available in a trans black finish, for those of you who don’t agree with me that white is the pimpness.

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  • Music is from one of Keith’s solo efforts, “Cosmogenesis” off of “The Arrival.”

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