Mike Gianelli Rips On 9-String Guitar on EMGtv

Mike Gianelli has a pretty good grasp on the 9 string guitar. I think that despite my belief that pushing the arbitrary boundaries people set in music is a good thing, many people use 9 string guitars in a very schticky way, and thereby feed into the #daditude.


So it’s always refreshing to see someone really tearing into it with some chops, instead of just chugaluggin’ away. I really dig his tapping in the beginning of the song, it has a very otherworldly sound. The song then takes a very melodic turn, and he somehow manages to shred on a monstrous 30″ scale. I bet those strings are like steel I-beams, and he probably got all those muscles just from practicing his vibrato.

Mike plays in the bands Bermuda and Dissipate, and has a solo EP coming out May 12.

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