Let’s Take a Break from Debating Extended-Range Guitars: Check Out Extended-Range Shrednecks

I don’t know if you guys have noticed but the whole extended-range debate has been a hot topic at Gear Gods. We’ve posted about it. A lot. But let’s say you’re all-in, whole hog; you want nothing but the lowest of all notes. Well what the hell are you supposed to do when you need to practice your fingering while in the van? Or on a plane? Or in the shitter?


You may be asking, “how would I even practice a stupid standard range guitar in those situations?” But if so then you obviously weren’t paying attention when we covered ShredNeck at NAMM last year. These little necks were designed to let you, well, shred in the most impossible of situations.

Now the manufacturers of the finest in tiny decapitated headstocks are venturing into the world of extra strings. Not too many extra strings: you won’t find an 8 or 9-string model here, alas, because I so would have loved to have stirred up that pot of shit again. No, these are of the much more reasonable 7-string guitar and 5-string bass varieties. So if you’re into the baritones, or you’re in the majority of metal bassists nowadays (I’d love to see a census but my gut is that in our scene it’s more common to see a low B/A/whatever string than to not), and you want to get your fingering rehearsed in any ridiculous situation that you may find yourself in, then these now Shrednecks may be what you need in your… neck of the woods.

For more info you can head to Shredneck.com.

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