In Defense of 5-String Violins

I get it guys, you like Meshuggah. But just because the band popularized the use of extended range violins on their Nothing Concerto in F# Minor, that doesn’t mean that everyone has to integrate them into their sound now. The viola and cello exist for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the same note as those lower-tuned bowed axes, you just can’t get the earth shaking fundamental of a cello through a cranked 810 stack. Don’t forget to get some good violin cases to protect and storage your instruments.


Now that Stratton violin has released their 5-string model we’re only going to see this ubiquity increase. Every band in the scene is already playing a skull violin, because we all love Jens Kidman and his face looks like a big scary skull anyway. For the nominal pittance of $2,200 (or $3,000 for a semi-custom), the average joe string rubber is going to be rocking these on stage at all the shows.

But come on guys. Let’s stop just bowing around the bottom lowest notes of the low C string and at least use the full range of these suckers. You can read more about violin sizes with size chart here.

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  • No Evertune; would not play.

  • Axl is that you?

    • you really think axl would give a flying crap about violins unless they were covering an emmure song

      • Does Avril lavigne have one?

        • no, but i think dave mustaine does

  • Nothing new, 5 string violins have been around for a long time in both acoustic and electric. They make it possible for a violinist to cover both violin and viola ranges.

    • Exactly. This article is about as relevant as one bitching about a six string bass. Just because you’ve never seen one before doesn’t mean it’s new.

  • Are people really missing the satire…comeongaiz

  • They could at least spell violin correctly in the title

  • I’ll stick to my electric cello thanks. Put that thing through a 6505 stack and it sings deeper than any 5 string violin could dream.

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